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The Civil Aviation Authorities of Thailand has extended the ban on All International Flights to Thailand from 1 June 2020 at 17.00 UTC to 30 June 2020 at 17.00 UTC

Beaches Opened: June 9th 2020

How Thailand Are Handling The COVID-19 Outbreak.

I’ve been stuck in Thailand since late February, and I have to say, the way they are dealing with the outbreak of COVID-19 is excellent. In comparison to the British government (my home country) the Thai government are months ahead.

Here’s some of the reasons why:

Masks Are Mandatory

Masks are mandatory, and have been since my arrival in February.

Although not sceintifically proven to be effective against the spread of COVID-19 – it’s common sense that putting something over your mouth and nose helps prevent the spread of disease. We’ve been doing it for years with tissues – it’s not rocket science.

In Thailand, there is no shortage of masks, they sell them in every supermarket & pharmacy you walk into, oh and we are still calling them masks! Not facial-coverings as I’ve heard suggested in the Western World.

There shouldn’t be a shortage of PPE in the NHS in the UK, masks are being manufactured by the thousands daily! The issue here is where the UK government are prepared to spend their money, because they only deal with approved suppliers.

Temperature Checks & Sanitiser

Before entering any public place, whether that be a supermarket, shopping complex or mall, there are temperature checks & hand sanitisation measures in place by staff members.

I’ve never had my temperature checked more times than in Thailand – is this working? Again who knows, as some COVID-19 patients can be asymptomatic, but it’s another measure implemented by the Thai government that actually increases your faith in their competence in dealing with the outbreak.

Police Roadblocks

Thailand implemented a full lockdown for the month of April 2020 – there were police roadblocks between towns, and there was no way to get past them other than if you were facing medical issues.

This contained the spread, and meant that the government could highlight areas of that the outbreak was occurring.

All roadblocks have now been lifted.

Contract Tracing System

In May, they implemented a contract tracing system. You now have to sign in or scan a QR code before entering any public place, such as supermarkets or malls.

This means that if someone who later down the line is admitted to hospital with COVID-19. The government will reach out to everyone who may have had contact with this person.

I just heard of the news today (June 5th) that the UK government’s tracing system is only expected to come into effect in September or October 2020.

The Situation Now – June 2020

From day one Thailand have handled the pandemic excellently, there was never any panic here – food was always well stocked, and I could always buy unlimited amounts of toilet rolls & pasta in the supermarkets!

I never saw any panic what so ever, and have always felt safe here.

The beaches re-opened on June 9th, and slowly but surely, everything is reopening. Restaurants are open now, malls are open, gyms are open, and cinemas has began to reopen.

The western world often looks down their nose towards Asian countries, labelling them as “not as advanced” but I have great confidence in how Thailand have dealt with the COVID-19 outbreak, and I feel much safer here, than my friends & family feel back in the UK.

So, Can I Travel to Thailand?

Not right now, no, and I suspect that most countries will implement the requirement of a medical certificate to gain entrance to their county when the borders do finally reopen, but whatever you do…

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